UV Art Exhibit in Sydney, Australia



Like rock & blues musicians invisible by day yet visibly vibrant at nocturne,the paintings are all blank, white canvases! However,painted images are revealed under under ultra-violet light.

Edd Aragon, Australian-based Filipino artist opened his 2nd one-man show in Sydney on October 7, 2006. His 1st was in 1985 with caricatures and illustrations published in The Australian newspaper.

This second solo art exhibit is an array of painted portraits and allegorical images of mainstream and Filipino rock and roll (rhythm & blues) personalities considered legends by generations of rock and roll fans. Pieces include Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Juan dela Cruz Band, Bod Dylan, Banyuhay ni Heber and Sampaguita.

What makes Aragon’s paintings unique and innovative is his use of ultra-violet reactive paint he even personally formulated, emitting a mesmerising, bluish glow under uv lights (aka disco lamps). the artist calls this medium “aragonite” (from a u.v.light reactive mineral first discovered in Aragon, Spain) which he experimented and synthesized with various acrylic polymers for the 6 years in his Sydney studio.

Aragon would also be considered the first painter in Australia to seriously use this permanent medium whereby he mixed paint with industrial optical brighteners. His artworks while painted under safe uv light conditions reveal the spontaneous brushstrokes like ectoplasm in a dark, vaccuous space. A total retinal and heartwarming experience for observers.

(Photo above: Rock Legends Pepe Smith and Wally Gonzales of Juan de la Cruz Band opened the exhibit)

(Video below: "Ang Himig Natin" original Juan de la Cruz Band anthem.)

UV Art Exhibit in Manila, Philippines

Mulat (Open Eyes/Enlightened)

Edd Aragon's invisible (ultra-violet light-reactive) paintings on canvas of legendary musicians, nudes and allegorical images. There will be more than thirty (30) white canvases with images visible only under ultra-violet light (disco lamps used in public dance venues and therefore are deemed safe). Central to exhibit is life-size portrait of Tandang Sora aka Melchora Aquino, Mother of Katipunan. She was born in Banilad (Banlat) where the exhibit will be launched.

Edd who also plays musical instruments, had reasons to choose to portray Filipino and international rock & roll and blues musicians like B.B.King as subjects for his UV canvases; all of which have been first exhibited in Sydney in 2006. Like musicians, he thought cool, nocturnal life was appropriate to his UV paintings. He initially experimented with different ultra-violet pigments back in 2001 when he was commissioned for large paintings for a dim, restaurant venue in Sydney. His work evolved during 8 years of continuous formulating of UV pigments and acrylic medium.

Quote from artist:

"I have to go through an analytical mental process when using u.v.reactive materials as it is tricky; e.g. white paint for as “black” under u.v. light; and develop the painting as I go; brushwork is almost second nature; but theme is my real palette, like bridging the old and modern day heroes using musical and visual allusions in an alternative light . It's almost like exploring the dark side of the moon. Truth is hard to perceive in the blinding day-to-day life and light. Beneath the prismatic chaos reside the ultra-violet rays of rapture for things unseen.”

Opened on Saturday, April 12, 2008 at Banyuhay ni Heber Arts & Music Center 170 Banlat Rd, Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

(Photo above: Heber Bartolome gives the cue to switch on the UV lights to make the invisible paintings visible)

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